AARON Investigations is a licensed full service investigation company. We use state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, and pride ourselves in staying up-to-date on the most recent surveillance technology. All of our invesgitators are licensed, vetted, tested, and required to say current with continued education by the state of Tennessee.
AARON Investigations is owned and operated by Renee Waters, a native of Nashville, Tennessee. Renee is a paralegal as well as a licensed private investigator. You can contact Renee directly at 615.573.5095. Click here to read an article in "her Nashville" magazine by Kim Green to learn the amazing story of how Renee got her start as a private investigator.

A Message From Renee:

If you are uncomfortable or worried about calling a Private Investigator, believe me I understand. Most of the people who call me have never even considered using a Private Investigator and when they do, it’s usually one of the worst days of their life. They realize that someone they love and trust may be betraying them. I've been there, my motivation to help others who have been hurt comes from within. I am on your side, we will figure this out together.   Let me answer a few questions you may have, hopefully this will help ease your mind.


Our conversation is and will remain be strictly confidential.  


Every case is different. I will work directly with you to meet your particular needs.


I will diligently work your case based upon your budget.  

And Fourth:

We have worked hundreds of cases in Nashville, Franklin and the Middle Tennessee area.


Why Hire a Female Private Investigator?

A female private investigator is a big asset to any investigation. Female investigators are very useful for not only general investigation work, but also for gender-specific assignments which take advantage of their feminine attributes and charms. There are many cases where the female investigator is the “best man for the job."

Of course, there are female investigators who handle cases which do not require a gender-specific role to be played. However, the true value of a woman investigator is her ability to use her gender as a tool to gain access to persons, places or information during her assignment. Female investigators are often utilized for infidelity investigations, since they can get close to a potentially cheating husband or boyfriend, Women private investigators are ideal for assignments requiring open surveillance or extended periods of loitering, since they do not raise the same warning flags as men. Female private eyes take advantage of the most valuable weapons an investigator has at their disposal… their mind and body. Playing a role is often crucial in gathering information and women can simply play far more diversified parts than most men ever could. Remember, some of the most important traits of a successful investigator are professional anonymity and the ability to put others at rest in their presence….